A Creative Presence

Kellen Powers is a self-made musician whose heartfelt words crackle with energy and authenticity. Born and raised in Rochester, NY; Kellen was lucky enough to be surrounded by talent which honed his technical skills as a musician and fueled his passion to never stop learning and improving his craft. Kellen began showing signs of musical prowess singing as a child in school. He picked up the guitar when at 12, and formed his own band with friends as a teenager. His music became both map and medicine for traversing the minefield of youth.
Today, with 25 years of singing and songwriting under his belt, Kellen has now mastered the art of writing and recording songs that are raw, inspiring, and original. Kellen writes and sings from his heart which is evident in how his music pays tribute to his personal life experiences. His music can transport listeners in a room to a different dimension where they can see and experience life through Kellen’s lens - to walk in his shoes and to live his truth for a few minutes. Kellen is a member of the band Jupiter Highway and runs a recording studio called PowerSonic Studios.